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Important Insurance Information

Important Insurance Information


MyIMG is online service that allows you to access information and manage accounts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. Through MyIMG you have immediate access to a wealth of information about your account and can manage routine areas to help you save time when you may need it most.

Some features include:

  • Immediate claim status check
  • Locate a provider
  • Get explanation of benefits
  • Request ID cards
  • Obtain certificate documents
  • Initiate precertification
  • Recommend provider/facility

Locating & Accessing Providers

Whenever or wherever you travel within the U.S., it’s comforting to know that the extensive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network is there to serve you. The independent PPO includes hundreds of thousands of established, highly qualified physicians and hospitals, including some of the most well-recognized university medical centers and transplant facilities in the U.S.

Additionally, if you are seeking treatment outside the U.S., we provide you access to our International Provider AccessSM (IPA), a database that includes more than 16,000 highly qualified physicians and facilities that encompass a comprehensive array of specialties to handle any health care emergency.

You can instantly access a list of providers and facilities within the PPO and IPA network online at and through MyIMG. The directories allow you to search by physician or facility name, specialty, or location. Our goal is to provide quality medical coverage wherever you may be. The PPO and our IPA enable us to do just that, and our online directories put the information at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.

Claims Procedures

1. Precertification

Prior to receiving treatment you may need to contact IMG to precertify your treatment and/or for verification of benefits. Precertification means calling IMG’s Utilization Management and Review company to receive a determination of medical necessity for the proposed treatment or services. It is important to note that precertification is only a determination of medical necessity, not an assurance of coverage, verification of benefits or a guarantee of payment. Precertification may be undertaken by you, the doctor, a hospital administrator or a relative.

2. Claim Filing Alternatives

  • Direct Payment to Providers

In many cases IMG works with the hospital or clinic as an accommodation, including those outside the independent PPO, for direct payment of eligible medical expenses on your behalf. To be eligible to have a claim paid in this fashion, you or the provider must complete a Claim Form and submit it with original itemized bills. In this case, you will be responsible for direct payment of your deductible, coinsurance amounts and non-eligible expenses and charges.

  • Reimbursement

If you have received treatment and need to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses, complete the Claim Form and submit your original itemized bills and paid receipts within 90 days. We will reimburse your eligible medical expenses after applying the deductible and coinsurance, subject to the terms of the plan.

  • Insurance Renewal

Please be aware of your coverage end date. Remember to renew your insurance two weeks prior to the end date on To renew, fill out the Purchase From, click on “Renew” in the Transaction Type; then follow the procedures to complete the application. Please note that if there is a gap between your insurance coverage periods, you may be subject to the pre-existing condition clause.

  • Insurance Termination

If you need to terminate the insurance policy for any reason, please note that a written notice to AIEF requesting the termination is required 30 days or more prior to the termination date. Mail, fax, and email requests are accepted. Please include your full name, plan you are under, the date and reason for termination in the notice. A prorated refund of any remaining portion of the premium will be refunded if no claims have been paid during the policy term. If any insurance claim has already been paid prior to termination of the policy, no refund is available. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing the refund check.

Please Note:

  • In case of early policy termination, a prorated refund of any remaining portion of the premium will be returned ONLY if no insurance claims have yet been paid. Once any claim has been paid, no refund is available.
  • Resumption of insurance following any lapse or interruption of coverage will be treated as New Enrollment, and pre-existing conditions will not be covered during the first six months. Applicants under regular doctor's care, applicants taking long-term prescription medications, and applicants with pregnancies are asked to take special note of this policy.
  • When your visa or student status changes and you are no longer eligible for the insurance coverage, it is the sole responsibility of the insured to notify AIEF with any changes of visa status so that any unused premium can be refunded. Failure to do so may result in rejection of reimbursement of medical expenses and/or termination of insurance. Any complications will be the responsibility of the insured
  • Dental and Vision not covered by this insurance, except for injury related treatments
  • An additional deductible of $250 will apply per Emergency Room visit per covered Sickness or Injury, but will be waived if the Covered Person is admitted to the Hospital.